Mar 222015

Don’t forget to attend: Full Text of the Official Call

Lane Auditorium (Albemarle County Office Building on McIntire Road, Charlottesville)
6:00 PM (doors will open at 5:30 PM)
Monday June 1, 2015

for the purposes of

  1. Nominating our Republican candidates for the office of Albemarle County Board of Supervisors to be voted for in the general election on November 3, 2015. The Magisterial Districts open for nominations are, Rivanna, Scottsville, and White Hall.
  2. Nominating our Republican candidates for Albemarle County Sheriff, Albemarle County Commonwealth Attorney, and Albemarle Clerk of Court.
  3. And for the transaction of such other business as may properly come before the Mass Meeting.
Mar 262015

March 20, 2015
Delegate Rob Bell

According to the Washington Post, Governor McAuliffe’s coming 20 vetoes “will send a clear signal about McAuliffe’s agenda and his ideology as a liberal governor.”  McAuliffe is proposing to veto:

  • My “Tebow Bill” for homeschoolers (HB 1626 – Bell)
  • Photo ID for absentee voting (HB 1318 – Campbell)
  • Gun rights bills (SB1137 – Garrett)
  • Restrictions on Common Core in Virginia (HB 1752 – Larock)

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Mar 262015
March 24, 2015   Congressman Robert Hurt
Dear Friend,
Hearing from those living and working in Virginia’s Fifth District has always been, and continues to be, my greatest resource as I serve you. Your input has brought to light problems created by some of the big government programs coming out of Washington.
Last year, a constituent contacted our office to express concern over the fact that he was unable to delete his profile from Even though he decided not to sign up for healthcare coverage through the federal online marketplace, he was unable to remove his profile from the site. When he called the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), he was told that his personal information simply could not be removed.

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Mar 222015
Electing the Clerk of the Court
Why is such an important position under the moniker of “clerk” in the first place? The origin is found in early English history. Back then as now, one judge alone was unable to preside over the argument, record the proceedings and issue writs. This necessitated the creation of the office of the clerk of the court and this structure carried over to the English colonies. Originally, the “… judicial officials were chosen from among the clergy, the only literate group at the time. Thus, the name clerk is derived from the Latin clericus meaning clergyman.” (Hat tip to Clerk of Okaloosa County, FL.)

The Clerk is an elected public officer who serves for eight years. The functions and duties of clerks vary from state to state. In Virginia they are determined by the Supreme Court of Virginia and are as numerous as they are important. (See the official Circuit Clerks’ Duties List at: In general, duties range from document management (court records, case procedures, deeds) to the collection of fees and taxes (real estate and death) to elections (securing ballots, poll books, voting machines, candidates’ filings).

What can you do? Run for the Office! Or, help us find another good Republican candidate! There is plenty of motivation and incentive; one can serve Albemarle County and receive $140K while doing it. Also bear in mind that the Democrats already have someone interested in running for the Office. The election process is the same as any other candidate seeking office in Albemarle County. That is, the hopeful first seeks his party’s nomination. We have chosen the Mass Meeting process, so be mindful of all deadlines in the Call. The Mass Meeting Call can be viewed on our website.

Regardless of who is Albemarle’s next Clerk, we have seen that the performance of the Office must be constantly evaluated by the public it serves.

Article by Mark Setaro

Mar 172015

Speaker Howell is preparing to make citizen appointments to the following boards and commissions.  Please access the links provided below for additional information about a particular commission and qualifications for appointment.  If you know of anyone in the 25th District interested in an appointment, please share this email with them and have them submit a resume to me no later than this Thursday, March 19, 2015. I, in turn, will then submit their name and resume to the Speaker.


Aging, Commonwealth Council on

Capitol Square Preservation Council

Community Integration Advisory Commission

Disability Commission

Eastern Virginia Medical School Board of Visitors

Economic Development Partnership Authority, Virginia

Freedom of Information Advisory Council

Indigent Defense Commission, Virginia

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Investment Authority

Institute for Advanced Learning and Research, Board of Trustees

Land Conservation Foundation, Board of Trustees

Rural Virginia Board of Trustees, Center for

Virginia College Savings Plan, Board of the

Virginia Commonwealth University Health System Authority, Board of Directors of the


Delegate R. Steven (Steve) Landes

Member, House of Delegates

District: 540.255.5335

Richmond: 804.698.1025

Mar 172015
ACRC is inviting any Albemarle Republican interested in running for local office the chance to talk to the ACRC Search Committee on April 6th. This will be an excellent opportunity for potential candidates to ask questions about the Candidate nominating process and requirements and all the details on running a campaign. This will be the first of several opportunities to speak to the Search Committee if desired.    Contact Cindi Burket for details:
The Mass Meeting Call is the only Document that contains all the requirements for running for Albemarle Office.  No other requirements can be required.  Our recent post about candidate endorsement was not meant to imply otherwise.  The Albemarle County Republican Committee does not endorse or support  any candidate during the nomination process for any office.