Jul 222014
  • Preservation of Individual Freedoms and personal property rights
  • Knowing and sharing the value of personal responsibility
  • Small government and low taxes to promote and ensure job creation – Stop Tax Increases & Spend Responsibly
  • The highest ethical and moral standards of ourselves and our elected officials; Comply with the Law and Constitution
  • Maintaining Albemarle’s strength and beauty with thoughtful land development – Relate to verifiable Science not Ideologies
  • A plan that encourages economic growth for all Albemarle’s citizens – Minimize local regulations
  • Sensible and Cost-Effective solutions to our transportation problems

2014 Albemarle GOP statement of purpose by Cindi Burket, Albemarle GOP Charir person


 July 22, 2014
Jul 212014

From Shale Reshapes Petrochemicals Business By Ben Winkley at wsj.com

GlobaData also flagged the competitive advantage that U.S. companies will receive from the lower cost provided by shale gas. And this opportunity is attracting investment from some of the industry’s bigger names. Just last week the International Energy Agency said some 30 million European jobs are at risk as manufacturers of petrochemicals, plastics and fertilizers are relocating to the U.S.

 July 21, 2014
Jul 102014

Saturday, July 12, 2014 is our Monthly Breakfast and Robert Hurt will be our  guest speaker.  Don’t miss this chance to hear Robert speak about the issues and take this opportunity to personally talk with him.

When: Saturday, July 12, 2014
Where: DoubleTree Hotel, Rt 29
What: Breakfast at 8:00am, meeting at 8:30am.

Please join us at the DoubleTree for their fantastic breakfast buffet for $10 per person (including tax and tip). They also offer “just coffee” for $3. Breakfast is not mandatory — you can join us without paying & eating if you choose. But we think that once you see the food, you’ll see why this is such a great deal.




 July 10, 2014
Jun 272014

ACRC Committee member, Dr. Suzanne Coffey is the Regional Director of “Face the World Foundation”. She is looking for host families in the Albemarle County area. The mission of Face the World is stated below. If this is something you might want to consider, contact Suzanne. The deadline for participation is July 1, 2014.

Dr. Suzanne A. Coffey
Regional Director
Charlottesville, VA



Vision / Mission

Face The World Foundation (FTW) is a nonprofit educational and cultural exchange organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since 1980, FTW has promoted global learning and exchange by offering opportunities for international high school students to experience life in the U.S. The goal of cultural exchange program is to provide students, host families, schools, and communities with a quality experience that will not only enhance personal growth, but also will establish lasting friendships.

 June 27, 2014
Jun 122014
 Our June breakfast will be Saturday, June 14, 2013 at the Doubletree Hotel.  Note that while the meeting will begin promptly at 8:30 AM, breakfast will be available beginning at 8:00 AM as it is with all our breakfasts!! Please join us at the Doubletree for their fantastic breakfast buffet for $10 per person (including tax and tip). They’ll also offer “just coffee” for $3. Breakfast is not mandatory — you can join us without paying & eating if you choose. But we think that once you see the food, you’ll see why this is such a great deal.When: Sat, June 14, 8am – 11am

Where: Doubletree Hotel Rt 29 North (map)

Join Us with Special Guest Speaker Joe Thomas

 June 12, 2014
Jun 052014

Celebrate Independence Day in a paraade with fellow Republicans!   Our plan is to join in four parade events around the 4th of July.

  •   Scottsville – 4 July (Friday), form up at 7:30 AM
  •   Crozet – 5 July (Sat); line-up at 4 PM at Crozet Elementary School
  •   Earlysville – Details still pending
  •   Free Union – 29 June (Sunday), gather at 3:30 PM


We need volunteers to ride in vehicles, walk with signs, and help with preparations. These are fun events, only take a few hours, get our Republican Party brand out into the community, and honor Independence Day. Sign up to help and participate by contacting Alan Swinger at aswinger@earthlink.net.

 June 5, 2014
May 032014

By Tori Richards, watchdog.orgSwitzerland Davos Forum

This weekend, a shadowy leftist group named Democracy Alliance will meet in Chicago to figure out a way to thwart conservative rivals.

As the adage goes, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

While top liberal organizations blast the right for accepting dark money, the Alliance’s entire business model is based on maintaining secrecy akin to the Illuminati.

“Like a lot of elite groups, we fly beneath the radar,” Oakland lawyer and Alliance donor Guy Saperstein told the Washington Post in 2006, a year after the group was formed. “We are not so stupid though (to) deny our existence.”

The group requires some hefty financial backing. It costs $25,000 just to join, yearly dues of $30,000 and an additional $200,000 donation to Alliance causes. Donation recipients must sign confidentiality agreements, the Post reported.

 May 3, 2014
Apr 082014

Greetings Everyone,

The 2014 Committee year is in full swing, and as the Committee’s new Chair I am anxious to get to work on making a strategic plan for the next two years. There is much to be done and as always we are going to need your help.  The new Executive Board will be voted on at the Official Business meeting to be held at the May 10th Breakfast.  Contact me if you are interested in working with or becoming a Candidate on the Executive Board.

I would like to thank John Dawson for his outstanding and dedicated work as ACRC Chair for the 2013 Election Cycle.  John’s expertise and common sense leadership were truly appreciated!!  THANK YOU, JOHN!!

Also, just a reminder to please join us at our monthly Breakfast this Saturday, April 12th.

Our Guest speaker will be Delegate Steve Landes. Delgate Landes will give us an update on the State Budget and Medicare Expansion battle in Richmond.

Cindi Burket

Chair, Albemarle GOP


 April 8, 2014