The Election is Coming, The Election is Coming

A Note From Colman Packard, Northern Field Director
Robert Hurt for Congress
Greetings ACRC Members,
Only 31 full days and 5 weekends remaining
until the election on November 4th! If you want to see Robert Hurt reelected and Ed Gillespie replace Mark Warner as Virginia’s senator we need all hands on deck, including you! With your help we can close the remaining 9 point gap between Gillespie and Warner in this final month.
I want to extend a personal plea with you to come out and volunteer.  If everyone would just come in several days between now and the election and put in a couple of hours we can finish closing the gap and elect Ed Gillespie as Virginia’s new senator and reelect Robert Hurt, Virginia’s most conservative Representative.
Volunteers are always welcome anytime during the week, but Saturdays are the best days to come in and work with fellow volunteers.
This Saturday, October 4th, is another Super
Saturday. We need ACRC Headquarters to be rocking and rolling at full capacity if we want to win this November. Come on in and bring a friend.This coming Wednesday the 8th, between 3:30 and 4:30 PM, there will be an important rally at the ACRC headquarters for Hurt and Gillespie. Both of our candidates will be in the office and I will be hosting volunteer operations before and after the event with pizza and soda for all!
It would be great to have all of you join us for the rally and to stay awhile and help out as volunteers for the campaign efforts
If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
Thank you,
Colman Packard
Northern Field Director
Hurt for Congress (434)713-6072