Terry Cooper: Senior Statesmen of America (“SSV”)

September 9, 2017

ACRC Members:

As many of you know, I’m on the board of directors of the Senior Statesmen of America (“SSV”).  At this morning’s monthly ACRC meeting I heard from several of you, including Del. Rob Bell, that the attendance at SSV programs is overwhelmingly liberal Democrats.

I have heard that often, and I’ve tried to help rectify the situation.  For example, I send ACRC copies of all our monthly meeting notices and ACRC graciously posts them on its Web site so that ACRC members can be alerted in advance to upcoming events.  Some of you can attest to how I’ve made personal appeals to you to attend our programs and join us so we can bring our program attendance to a better balance.  And I have told the SSV board that SSV audiences have a reputation for being so biased that some Republican candidates have refused to appear before them.  (That was news to them.)

Here’s another opportunity:  At our December 13 meeting we’ll be electing or re-electing three or more people to SSV’s board of directors.  At this point in time I don’t know how many vacancies there will be because we haven’t polled the existing board members to see how many want to continue.

I am by this letter soliciting ACRC members who would be interested in serving on the SSV board to join SSV (that’s a condition of serving on the board) and advise me that you’d like to serve.

The SSV board sets policy, makes operational decisions like where to hold our meetings and, probably most important, chooses the topics and speakers for our programs.

At the present time I am badly outnumbered.  I am the only activist Republican on the ten-member board.  Also on the board are Madison Cummings, former Democratic candidate for the Board of Supervisors; Bonnie Brewer, mother of former County Democratic Committee chair Richard Brewer; and Linda Perriello, mother of Tom.  I regard all of them as friends and find them all easy to work with, but you can see that I’m indeed outnumbered.  I believe that simply having more known Republicans on the board would help negate SSV’s reputation as a liberal Democratic bastion.

Lester L. (Terry) Cooper
1111 Timber Trail Drive
Charlottesville, Virginia 22901
(434) 202-8065   *   terry@cooperresearch.us