Taxes, Growth and Our Albemarle County Quality of Life

senior-center-signThe next meeting  of the Senior Statesmen  of Virginia will be held on Monday, October  17, 2016, 1:30 3 p.m. at the Senior Center, Inc., 1180 Pepsi Place.

We all appreciate the amenities, cultural and historical richness of our community but those are the very things that attract others. Growth often increases road congestion, noise and property taxes. Can we avoid the tragedy of the commons?  Liz Palmer, Chair of the Albemarle County Supervisors and Tim  Keller,  Chair of the Albemarle Count y Planning Commission will address three questions:

  • Does growth pay for itself in Albemarle County? (In other words, do additional taxes generated by growth pay the additional costs of local government services associated with the growth?)
  • Can government induced/supported  economic  development  decrease  our  dependency  on residential real property tax?
  • Will better planning help us maintain our Albemarle County quality of life as we face population growth and increased property taxes?
liz-palmerLiz  Palmer   is  the  chair  of  the  Albemarle County supervisors and repre- sents the Samuel Miller Dis- trict. She was elected in 2013. Prior local government service includes eight years on the board of the Albemarle County Service  Authority.  She  has been a practicing veterinarian for 35 years. She currently op- erates a mobile practice, Char- lottesville End of Life Pet Care

tim-kellerTim Keller serves as the at-large commission- er and chair of the Albemarle County Planning Commission. He  is  a  founding  principal  of Land and Community Associ- ates and professor emeritus of Landscape Architecture at Iowa State University. Tim has di- rected a variety of innovative landscape planning and conser- vation projects throughout the United States and abroad

The program will be moderated by SSV Past President Bob McGrath.