Richmond and Winchester Newspapers Endorse Gillespie

ACRC members, fellow Republicans, and Virginia voters:

Good news in the Senate campaign is that two major newspapers have endorsed Ed Gillespie for the US Senate!

On October 25, the Winchester Star printed a lengthy article in which the paper endorsed Ed for the Senate. Here is a brief excerpt from that article:

“I want the same blessings of liberty for everyone that I’ve had,” says Mr. Gillespie, grandson of an immigrant janitor. “These blessings were born here in Virginia, and I’ll fight for them every damn day.”

Ed Gillespie deserves the opportunity to make that fight. He deserves your support on Election Day, Nov. 4. (The full text is available here.)

On October 26, the Richmond-Times Dispatch also endorsed Ed Gillespie. The following is an excerpt from the newspaper:

“We endorse Gillespie because his philosophy embraces free markets and free people, the ultimate American solutions, and because we are confident he will serve as an able and honest senator.”

So, momentum is building for Republican candidates, Vote next Tues (or In-Person Absentee now) to elect Ed Gillespie to the US Senate and to reelect Robert Hurt to the 5TH House of Representatives seat.