Political Polarization: Causes and Four Proposed Cures: An OLLI course taught by ACRC member Terry Cooper

ACRC member Terry Cooper, whose day job is as a Republican political consultant, will be teaching an OLLI course this fall on “Political Polarization:  Causes and Four Proposed Cures.”  It meets on three Thursdays (October 2, 9 and 16) from 10:00 to 11:30 A.M. at Meadows Presbyterian Church on Angus Road.

This will be a substantially updated version of the talk Terry gave at ACRWL’s “Hot Topics” in May.  It’s substantially updated because there have been a number of major developments since then.  To mention just two:

(1) The Pew Research Center has released two very significant studies on polarization and how many people are self-gerrymandering into echo chambers in which they hear only from think-alikes.  Further studies are expected to be released shortly.

(2) One of the four proposed cures, the “top-two” primary, is intended to give minority-party voters the maximum possible impact in districts that overwhelmingly favor the other party (think Republicans having an impact in Charlottesville).  The 2014 results of the primaries in two of the three states that have top-two primaries (California and Washington) are now in and the general-election campaigns there are underway.  Terry will discuss what’s happening there.

Registration is required.  You may register online by going to www.olliuva.org.