Hannah Graham – Another Unnecessary Victim

  • One of Charlottesville’s most notorious serial rapists in the past 30 years is Shannon Malnowski. Malnowski had a felony assault reduced to a misdemeanor in 1992 and a felony breaking and entering reduced to a trespass charge in 1994. In 1996 he raped a UVA student who was out jogging and in 1997 a 78 yr old professor’s wife in broad daylight in some bushes near the Culbreath Theater. In 2000 a student was raped on the Charlottesville High School track. Malnowski became a suspect and we obtained his DNA. It “hit” in all three cases. He was sentenced to life plus 50 years. If a DNA sample had been taken for the misdemeanors, he would have been caught after the first rape and the latter two rapes would have never occurred.
  • If Nathan Washington had contributed a DNA profile when convicted of a misdemeanor in 1998, he never would have been the notorious “Charlottesville Serial Rapist” who raped at least 7 women over a 10 year period .His DNA would have “hit” from a rape in 1997 of a woman in Waynesboro. I would not have had to go into one of his victim’s homes and see blood spattered over three walls where he had beaten and raped her for hours. His 6 Charlottesville rapes would have never occurred.
  • The famous “East Coast Rapist” had 18 known victims. Half those victims would have been saved on Nov. 11, 2003 when, Aaron Thomas was convicted of a misdemeanor Assault and Battery. The 3 teens out on Halloween night in Dale City, VA would never have been assaulted.

You can check the back ground of serial violent offenders in any community in Virginia and you will find they most likely first committed misdemeanors. Yet we wait until they graduate to serious crime before taking their DNA. There are so many unnecessary victims.