Democrats search for their message: In Virginia’s 10th District where the median income of $110,000 is the highest in the nation

According to the Almanac of American Politics, the median income of more than $110,000 in Virginia’s 10th district is the highest in the nation.

So today, that is where Democrats chose to go and campaign for the middle class.  Including McLean’s leafy suburbs and the horse farms further west, this district is among the most popular places to spend money earned in the swamp.  By tradition it skews Republican because Democrats tend to favor more close-in suburbs or living in Washington itself.

Democrats campaigned heavily in Barbara Comstock’s district and others like it last year with hopes that a Trump backlash would deliver them the Senate majority and a double digit gain in the House. They came up nearly empty-handed as Trump prevailed: Republicans held onto both the Senate and the House, with Democrats only picking up six seats in the lower chamber.

Democrats have since drifted even further left; one can only hope they stay on their losers path.  In a Sunday appearance on ABC’s “This Week” Schumer went further than either he or Pelosi have ever gone toward endorsing government-run health insurance ― i.e., a single-payer system.