McAuliffe Vetoes Voter Fraud Bills

This week, Governor McAuliffe vetoed a bill from Delegate Buddy Fowler to require a photo ID be submitted for an absentee ballot.  This follows McAuliffe’s veto of Senator Mark Obenshain’s measure to investigate why eight localities have more registered voters than voting-age residents.  (I am still waiting for his action on my bill to address voters who are registered in more than one state.)

Of course, it was only last year that a Harrisonburg canvasser was caught attempting to register 19 dead people, and an Alexandria activist was convicted for registering fictitious voters.  In Newport News, a man received a voter registration at his address, but with a different name.  He brought it to prosecutors, who identified 32 others cases where this may have happened.

Even with all this, Governor McAuliffe STILL vetoed the bill to investigate why some localities had more registered voters than eligible adults!

Tell Terry McAuliffe that you support photo ID and investigating why there are more registered voters than voting-age residents.  Tell him you oppose his vetoes. E-mail him here.

Delegate Rob Bell