Amended May 10, 2014   Updated April 09, 2015

Plan of Organization

Article I

The name of this organization shall be “Albemarle County Republican Committee,” hereinafter referred to as “County Committee.”

Article II

The purpose of the Albemarle County Republican Committee is to promote and promulgate the principles of the Republican Party, to encourage qualified candidates to run for public office, and to elect Republican candidates to public office.

Article III
Committee Platform

Section A.  Scope

The platform shall be limited to issues that concern solely the County of Albemarle.

Section B.  Adoption

  1. To become effective, the committee platform must be approved by a simple majority vote of its members present after due notice of such intent to adopt a platform has been served on all members in the call for such meeting.
  2. Any plank of the platform dealing with issues deemed to be outside of the scope of the platform as defined in Article III, Section A, may be removed without prior approval of the committee by a 2/3 vote of the Executive Committee.

Article IV

Section A.  Qualifications

All legal and qualified voters under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia who reside in  Albemarle County, who are in accord with the principles of the Republican Party, and who express in open meeting, either orally or in writing as may be required, their intent to support all of its nominees for public office in the ensuing election may participate as members of the Republican Party of Albemarle in its mass meetings, party canvasses, or conventions and are eligible for membership on the County Committee.

Section B.  Composition

  1. The County Committee shall consist of:
  2. County Chairman.
  3. Precinct Members.  One membership for each 15 votes cast for the Republican candidate for “the office of Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia” in the last regular preceding election, however, the minimum membership for any precinct shall be three (3) members.
  4. At large Members.  The number of members at large shall not exceed thirty percent (30%) of the number of precinct members.
  5. Party Officials.  All officers of the Republican Party of Virginia and members of the State Central Committee who are voters in Albemarle County.
  6. Publicly Elected Officials.  All publicly elected Republican Officials who are voters in Albemarle County, except that they shall not be counted at arriving at a quorum, and they shall not be permitted to vote by proxy.

Section C. Election and Term

The Chairman and members of the Committee shall be elected by the mass meeting, convention, or party canvass called for the purpose of electing delegates to the Biennial District Conventions in the Fifth Congressional District of Virginia, and they shall hold office for two years from the time of their election, until successors are selected, or unless sooner removed.

Section D. Vacancies

  1. In the event of the death, resignation, or removal of the County Chairman, the Executive Committee shall call a special meeting of the County Committee to be held within thirty days for the purpose of electing a new County Chairman to fill the unexpired term.
  2. Vacancies in the office of Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be filled by the County Committee.
  3. Any vacancies in the Committee resulting from unfilled membership slots or from the removal of a committee member may be filled by the Committee.  Nominations of qualified candidates may be made at any duly called meeting, and if there is no objection, said nomination may be voted at the same meeting.  If there is any objection, the vote will be held at the next duly held Committee meeting.

Section E.  Duties

  1. The County Committee shall call all regular and all special mass meetings, party canvasses, and conventions and shall determine whether there shall be, and the requirements for, any prefiling.  It shall fix the basis of representation by delegates to local conventions as well as the time and place.
  2. It shall determine whether candidates for local and constitutional offices shall be nominated by mass meeting, party canvass, convention, or primary.
  3. It shall cooperate with the State Central Committee, District Committees, and the Legislative District Committees within its boundaries in conducting elections and fund raising activities.
  4. It shall approve an annual budget and other expenditures not expressly authorized in Article IV.

Section F.  Dues

Each member of the County Committee shall be required to pay reasonable annual dues in an amount to be determined by the Executive Committee, payable on the date of the first duly called meeting following their election and each calendar year thereafter.

Section G.  Removal

  1. Any member shall automatically lose his status as a voting member of the County Committee who:
    1. Fails to attend, either in person or by proxy, three consecutive duly called meetings; or
    2. Fails to pay annual dues.  However, a member who loses his status for not paying annual dues shall be automatically reinstated to the Committee upon his payment of all outstanding annual dues.
  2. The Secretary shall notify in writing a member of failure to comply with the above provisions within thirty days of such failure.
  3. Any Committee member who openly supports the candidate of another party, or seeks office independently against the Republican Party candidate, can be removed automatically from the Committee by a majority vote of the County Committee at any duly called meeting without prior notice.
  4. The Chairman, any other officer or member of the County Committee may be removed by a two thirds vote of the membership of the County Committee; provided, however, that such person shall be furnished with notice in writing that removal will be sought, and the grounds upon which such action is based, and signed by not less than one third of the members of the Committee. Such person shall be given 30 days to appear and respond to the allegations.
  5. Any member removed from the Committee under the provisions of Section G, 1a or Section G, 1b can be reinstated by a majority vote of the Committee at any duly called meeting.

Section H.  Appeal

Any person having been removed from the County Committee pursuant to the provisions of the preceding Section G may appeal to the Executive Committee for reinstatement and such appeal may be granted for good and sufficient reason.

Article V

Section A.  General

The officers of the County Committee shall be a Chairman, elected at the mass meeting, party canvass or convention called for the purpose of selecting delegates to the biennial district conventions, and the following officers, who shall be elected from the Committee membership at the first meeting of the County Committee following the election of the County Chairman: First Vice Chairman, Second Vice Chairman, Third-Vice
Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section B.  Duties

  1. County Chairman:
    1. To be responsible for the execution and implementation of the programs and policies of the County Committee.
    2. To issue calls, as directed by the County Committee, for Mass Meetings, Party Canvasses, or Conventions, and to preside until a temporary organization is effected.
    3. To convene the County Committee when required, but in no event less than once during each three (3) month period, and to preside at  meetings of the Committee; to be responsible for sending written notice of the Call for a Committee meeting to all members of the Committee, which shall include the agenda for the meeting.  Notice shall be mailed seven days prior to the meeting.
    4. To represent the County Committee on the Congressional and Legislative District Committee encompassing his residence and to designate a person or persons residing in that part of Albemarle County that may fall within other Congressional and Legislative Districts to serve at the pleasure of the County Chairman as the Albemarle representative(s) on that Committee with the authority and vote of a Unit Chairman.
    5. To appoint Finance Chairman, and other officers as the County Chairman may deem necessary.
    6. To be responsible for providing a prescribed time and place, which shall be supervised by him or a designated representative, for filing such declaration of candidacy and petitions as may be required by state law in any primary election.
  2. First Vice Chairman shall preside at meetings in the absence of the County Chairman.  In the event of a vacancy in that office, the Vice Chairman shall serve as chairman until the election of a new County Chairman.
  3. First and Second and Third Vice Chairmen, as appropriate:
    1. To be in charge of the organization of all of the precincts in Albemarle County; to work with any Magisterial District Chairmen to see that Precinct Chairmen are appointed and properly trained.
    2. To be in charge of the creation and maintenance of the local committee platform.  To preside as Chairman of any subcommittee of the Membership that may be designated to develop and maintain the committee platform.
    3. To chair any subcommittee tasked with the identification and development of candidates for local offices and conduct such activities in the absence of an active subcommittee.
    4. To be responsible for developing and maintaining media contacts for the purpose of disseminating positions that represent the views of the committee as defined by the committee platform.
  4. Secretary:
    1. To record and have custody of minutes of all meetings of the County Committee and the Executive Committee, and have these and current copies of the County Committee and State Party plans available for reference at all meetings.
    2. To maintain an accurate list of the membership of the County Committee, with the assistance of other officers.
    3. To keep an accurate list of the attendance of the membership and to notify the Chairman when a member becomes delinquent pursuant to Article III, Section G,1.
    4. To deliver all official records in his custody to his successor within ten (10) days of the expiration of his term of office.
    5. In the event of the County Chairman’s death, resignation, or removal, the Secretary shall call a special meeting of the Executive Committee within ten (10) days to act on setting a date for a meeting of the County Committee to be held within thirty (30) days of such Executive Committee meeting for the purpose of electing a new Chairman for the unexpired term.
  5. Treasurer:
    1. To be the custodian of all funds and financial records of the County Committee.
    2. To present at each County Committee meeting a report covering the period since the preceding meeting and an annual report at the end of the fiscal year.
    3. To deliver all records in his custody to his successor within ten (10) days of the expiration of his term of office.
    4. To distribute funds under the following conditions: in accordance with an annual budget approved by the County Committee; by authority of the Executive Committee at a duly called meeting; and, upon the authority of the Chairman, the Treasurer shall also have the authority to make expenditures up to a total of $100.00.
    5. To be a member of the Finance Committee.

Article VI

Section A. Frequency

The County Committee shall meet at least once in each quarter year.  Additional meetings as may be required shall be called by the County Chairman or upon petition of one third of the members of the County Committee.

Section B.  Notice

Meetings of the County Committee shall be held upon seven days written notice, with agenda enclosed, to the membership as recorded on the official membership list prepared and maintained by the Secretary.

Section C.  Quorum

At any duly called County Committee meeting, 10% of the County Committee membership being present shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.  However, there shall be no amendment to the bylaws except where Article IX requirements have been met.

Section D.  Proxy

A member of the County Committee may be represented at any County Committee meeting by a proxy, subject to the following conditions:

  1. No individual may cast more than one vote at any meeting which he attends.
  2. Any person who acts as a proxy for another must meet the qualifications for membership on the County Committee as stated in Article III, Section A.
  3. All proxies shall be in writing, signed by the maker, substantially in the following form:

I, ______________________ of _________________ Precinct do hereby appoint _____________________ to vote as my proxy at a meeting of the Albemarle County Republican Committee to be held on _________, 20__, or at any adjourned meeting thereof, with all the power I should possess if personally present, hereby revoking all previous proxies.

Signed_________________    Date_________________
Witnessed______________    Date_________________

Section E.  Voting by Ballot

At any election when there is more than one candidate for County Committee office, the vote shall be taken by paper ballot accomplished by roll call of the membership of the County Committee, with each member coming forward to cast the paper ballot when his name is called.

Article VII
Executive Committee

Section A.  Membership

The Executive Committee shall consist of:

  1. Voting members including the County Chairman, the Vice Chairmen, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the County Chairman’s representative to the Congressional District in which the County Chairman does not reside, if any, the Finance Chairman, the Magisterial District Chairmen, the Executive Director of the County Committee, and any member of the County Committee added to the Executive Committee by majority vote at a properly called meeting of the County Committee.
  2. Non-voting members shall include a representative from each of the federated Republican clubs within Albemarle County, and any other individuals as approved by majority vote of the Executive Committee.

Section B.  Meetings

The Executive Committee shall meet no less than once each three month period upon the call of the County Chairman. Additional meetings may be called by the County Chairman or by any three members of the Executive Committee.  Written notice of meetings shall be given seven (7) days in advance.  All the Officers, as defined by Article V, being present, or three (3) Officers and a majority of the other voting members of the Executive Committee being present shall constitute a quorum.

Section C. Duties

The Executive Committee shall have the general power to administer the affairs of the County Committee, including the expenditure of funds, between business meetings, and shall also be responsible for:

  1. Advising the County Chairman on all matters of concern to the Albemarle County Republican Party;
  2. Making recommendations to the County Committee as to matters of policy; and
  3. Implementing the recommendations and decisions of the County Committee.
  4. The Executive Committee shall appoint an Executive Director by a simple majority vote.  The Executive Director’s duties shall include management of the County Committee’s Voter Database and other such duties as assigned by the Executive Committee.

Article VIII
Additional Committees

Section A.  General

In addition to the Finance Committee, the County Chairman may appoint other committee chairman as he deems necessary.

Section B.  Finance Committee

  1. The Chairman of the Finance Committee shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the County Chairman.
  2. Membership in the Finance Committee shall include the Chairman, the County Chairman, the Treasurer and others appointed by the County Chairman with the advice of the Executive Committee.
  3. The Finance Committee shall be charged with responsibility for the overall planning and supervision of the financial affairs of the County Committee.
  4. The Finance Committee will prepare an annual budget, covering a fiscal year starting on July 1 and ending on June 30, for consideration by the County Committee.  Once a budget has been adopted by the County Committee, the Finance Committee shall take action to raise necessary funds.

Section C.  Magisterial District Committees

  1. Membership on each Magisterial District Committee shall include the Magisterial District Chairman and the Precinct Captain of each precinct in the district.
  2. A Magisterial District Chairman shall be elected by majority vote at a properly called meeting of the County Committee, for each of the Districts in the County, to serve a term concurrent with the County Chairman.
  3. Each Magisterial District Chairman shall be responsible for the following in his district:
    1. The recruitment, appointment, and training of Precinct Chairmen;
    2. The nomination of election judges and clerks to the Electoral Board.
  4. Precinct Captains shall be responsible for:
    1. The recruitment, training, and supervision of poll workers on election day.
    2. The supervision of canvassing in the precinct.
    3. The recruitment and involvement of party workers.

Article IX
Parliamentary Authority

For precedence in all matters of procedure and rules, the County Committee shall use the following order: State Party Plan, Albemarle County Republican Committee Plan of Organization, the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.

Article X

This plan of organization may be amended at any Albemarle County Republican convention, mass meeting, or party canvass by majority roll call vote; or by the County Committee by a two thirds vote of its members present after due notice of such intent has been served on all members in the call for such meeting.

ADOPTED: As revised November 23, 1998, and amended March 24, 2000, and amended March 29, 2006, and amended January 28, 2008, and amended August 23, 2008, amended May 10,2014