Annual “Red-White-Blue” Family Picnic – Saturday, July 16, 2016

The AlbemIMG_0013arle Charlottesville Republican Women’s League, Albemarle/Charlottesville Republican Committee and Charlottesville Republican Committee annual picnic will be on July 16.

Cost: $10.00 Adults, Children under 12 free.  Please invite Family, Friends and Guests – You can pay on ACRWL’S web site by Paypal or Credit Card –  –  Reservations can also be IMG_0011mailed to ACRWL, P.O. Box 5727, Charlottesville, Va.,22905.  All Reservations due by Wednesday, July 13th, 2016 –

Please bring lawn chairs for extra seating.

Meet your favorite Republican Candidates and office holders, Hear Radio Celebrities – Rob Schilling & Joe Thomas – Family Fun and Good Food.

OFFICIAL CALL FOR ACRC BUSINESS MEETING: Albemarle County Republican Committee

I, Elliott Harding, Chairman of the Albemarle County Republican Committee, do hereby call a meeting of the  Albemarle County Republican Committee on WEDNESDAY, June 29, 2016 beginning at 6:30 PM at the CrossLife Church, 1410 Old Brook Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22901, for the purposes listed in the agenda below.

The filing deadline for resolutions is Friday, June 24, 2016 by 5 p.m. at 455 Albemarle Square, Charlottesville Va, 22901.  Postmarks do not govern.   Or send by email, to  Server time stamps do not govern.

I.           Welcome
II.          Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance
III.        Convene ACRC Meeting
IV.        Officer Reports
A. Secretary – Adoption of Prior Minutes
B. Treasurer – Expense Report
C. Chairman’s Report
V.        Election of New Members
A. Applicants for Membership (See Membership List Below)
VI.          Election Magisterial District Chairs
A. Samuel Miller District – John Lowry
B. Scottsville District – Tyler Campbell
VII.       Approval of 2016-17 FY Budget (See Proposed Budget Below)
A. Presentation of Proposed Budget
B. Presentation of Proposed Headquarters
C. Discussion
D. Approval of Budget
VIII.      Proposed Amendment to the Bylaws – Associate Membership
(See Proposed Amendment Below)
IX.      New Business
X.       Announcements
XI.      Adjournment

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns prior to our meeting


Elliott Harding
Chairman, Albemarle County Republican Committee
(434) 962-8465

List of Applicants for Membership: (*denotes renewed member)
Jason Eagleburger
Sarah Eagleburger
Chauncey Hutter*
Mary Mignone

Proposed Budget:
Operations/HQ/Storage:                                       $15,000
Membership Committee:                                      $10,000
Search/Candidate Support                                    $11,000
School Board (3)                                   $2,000
Board of Supervisors    (3)                  $1,000
Delegates   (3)                                          $500
Senate (if needed)  (1)                            $500
Events :                                                                       $5,000
Precinct/Volunteer Organization:                          $2,000

Total:  $43,000

Proposed Amendment To Bylaws (Associate Membership):
(a)   Article IV: Membership is amended —
(1)  in “Section A: Qualifications,”
(A) by striking the current text in Section A;
(B) by adding two (2) subsections to include:
(I)Subsection “1. Resident Membership” which shall contain the same qualifications for membership as currently listed and read:
(i)”All legal and qualified voters under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia who reside in Albemarle County, who are in accord with the principles of the Republican Party, and who express in open meeting, either orally or in writing as may be required, their intent to support all of its nominees for public office in the ensuing election may participate as members of the Republican Party of Albemarle in its mass meetings, party canvasses, or conventions and are eligible for membership on the County Committee.”
(II)Subsection “2. Associate Membership” which shall contain the following qualifications and read:
(i)  “Non-residents of Albemarle County who are in accord with the principles of the Republican Party, and who express, in writing or in open meeting, if required, their intent to support all of the Republican nominees for public office, are eligible for Associate Membership on the County Committee. The County Committee shall require each potential Associate Member to submit a membership application form to the Secretary along with an annual dues payment. The County Committee must approve each Associate Membership by a majority vote. Because this Membership applies to non-residents, an Associate Member shall not have any voting authority, nor serve as any Officer, nor Chair any Committee. Associate Members are subject to the same grounds for removal as Resident Members, as listed in Article IV, Section G, excluding the grounds for removal listed in IV.G.1.1 (Attendance Requirement).”
(2)in “Section F: Dues”,
(A) by replacing the words “Each member” with “Each Resident member and Associate member.”

Albemarle County Republican Committee, 455 Albemarle Square, Charlottesville, VA 22901

Authorities announce new local coalition to fight elder abuse

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (NEWSPLEX) — Wednesday marked Elder Abuse Awareness Day and local authorities took the opportunity to formally announce the creation of a new task force to fight the growing issue.

The Jefferson Area Coalition to End Elder Abuse will be made up of several law enforcement agencies, the FBI, JABA, Adult Protective services and more.

Together, the coalition will communicate and cooperate to better prevent, identify and prosecute elder abuse and exploitation.

“Ten thousand Americans turn 65 every day so the number of older Americans grows daily as does the threat to our elderly population,” said Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Tracci.

Tracci said the threat comes in the form of physical, emotional, sexual and financial abuse. continue reading

Saturday June 18th ACRC Breakfast Meeting

The next Albemarle County Republican Committee Breakfast will be held on Saturday, June 18th, at the Doubletree Hotel on Rt. 29. Breakfast will begin at 8:30, with presentations beginning at 9am.

Our featured guests this month will include our own Del. Steve Landes, along with Sen. Glen Sturtevant (R-10, Richmond). Delegate Landes was recently named Legislator of the Year by the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, while Senator Sturtevant was named Freshman of the Year by the VCC. Both should offer great insight into what it takes to make Virginia even more attractive for business.

Breakfast will be $10, while “just coffee” will remain $3. I hope to see all of you there!

(This will NOT be an official business meeting. The next business meeting will likely fall on a weeknight between the 27th-30th, stay tuned!)

I look forward to seeing you there!


Elliott Harding
Chairman, Albemarle County Republican Committee
(434) 962-8465