Elliott Harding, ACRC Chairman on Saturday’s Meeting

Good Morning ACRC,

I believe we had a productive breakfast meeting this past Saturday, where we touched on many of the goals for the Committee moving forward. As a follow up, I will highlight some of the new positions and standing committees we hope to establish in the coming months. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments:

Membership Committee:
The Membership Committee will seek out individuals to become members of the ACRC, distribute materials and information about the ACRC to potential members from all segments of the community, and develop membership-promoting initiatives. The Committee shall serve as a liaison for Republican-friendly groups in Albemarle County, with the goal of cultivating membership at all levels.

Finance Committee:
The Finance Committee shall be responsible for the overall planning and supervision of the financial affairs. It shall plan, organize, and supervise the raising of funds and shall coordinate such efforts with the District and State Central Committees.

Bylaws Committee:
This committee shall review the Bylaws and Standing Rules annually, review proposed amendments and changes thereto and prepare necessary amendments or a revision for submission of the Bylaw amendments approved by the Bylaws Committee to the Executive Committee for review and provide the reasons for the proposed changes.

Search Committee:
The Search Committee shall actively seek out and encourage potentially qualified candidates for all public offices and acquaint all potential candidates with the requirements and duties of the office. The Search Committee is not a selection committee, but rather a tool to encourage candidates for office from among all segments of the Republican Party.

Events Committee:
This committee shall be responsible for organizing and coordinating all events of the ACRC, including fundraisers. The Committee shall coordinate its activities with the Membership and Finance Committees.

Precinct Organization Committee:
This Committee is responsible for establishing and maintaining a Republican Party organization for effective communication between individual voters and the leadership of the Republican Party, as well as a mechanism for accomplishing the objectives of the Republican Party. The Committee will plan, organize and conduct necessary training of Precinct Captains and workers for get-out-the-vote campaigns, poll watching, precinct supervision, and other communications.

Campaign Liaison Committee:
The Campaign Liaison Committee shall act as liaison between the ACRC and any Republican candidates and their campaigns. The Campaign Liaison Committee shall inform the ACRC of any activities of such campaigns and shall seek out opportunities for ACRC members to participate in support of such campaigns.

Operations Committee:
The Operations Committee has the responsibility of overseeing all matters related to the day-to-day operations of the Headquarters of the Albemarle County Republican Committee, as well as the operations of storage, inventory, and other facility management.

Administrative Committee:
The Administrative Committee has the responsibility of overseeing internal review of the ACRC and maintaining communication among all standing committees, the Executive Committee, and the membership as a whole. This Committee will make reports and occasional suggestions as to personnel and how efficient the ACRC is performing in light of stated goals and objectives.

Be on the lookout for an official Call for our next business meeting, where we will elect our newest Vice Chairs, along with Magisterial District Chairs, Secretary, and Treasurer. I look forward to seeing you again soon.


Elliott Harding
Chairman, Albemarle County Republican Committee
(434) 962-8465